Friday, January 22, 2010


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Wednesday, January 20, 2010


The registration for The Philippine stage of Wall Lords is now closed and its an amazing 31 crews listed. We have received every e-mail and forms of registration and would like to thank every crew that has registered to compete. Uphere Productions will later list the registered crews plus announce the theme. Once again, thank you to everyone who registered.

Monday, January 18, 2010

A note to all registered crews and to any crew registering

To any crew who are planning to register or have registered for The Philippine stage, please register your crew only once. We will receive your registration both ways either though our g-mail or registering from the official WL site.

Due to the high number of crews registering, we would like to apologize if we are unable to reply to your e-mail. We have listed your crew and its members but we are doing it by waves. For now, the official list are those of the first 20 registered crews. We will provide a 2nd list to the next wave of registrants.

The list provided are only those who have registered to the Philippine stage but only 10 crews will be allowed to compete.

Registration has been extended up to January 19 so to those who have not registered, due so before the said due date.

Friday, January 15, 2010

Registration has been extended!

Because of huge demand, we decided to continue registration for The Philippine stage until Jan 19, 2010. For those who haven't registered, you can still do up to the said date.

Saturday, January 9, 2010

A Reminder

A reminder to those registering for The Philippine stage of Wall Lords, the deadline for registration is January 15th. That on a Friday. So register ASAP and avoid registering on the last minute.

Again, to register, e-mail your crew name, no of members, contact numbers (or e-mail) and images (med/high res, .jpg/.gif format) to

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Registration for Wall Lords Philippines has finally started!!!

(Before registering, please read the rules and regulations listed at this site)

The Philippine stage of Wall Lords is now officially open for registration. To register your crew, you have two options,

1) Register your crew info at the official Wall Lords site at

Note: There are minor changes of rules for the PH stage. Max of 3 members for each crew instead of 4.

2) E-mail your crew info at

Please include your crew name, number of all members joining, name of all members and either a contact phone number or e-mail. Also include images of your crew's works in .jpg format. Note images have to be either medium or high-res.

We strongly recommend using the 2nd option when registering your crew. It would be easier for us to process and list. Also decide wisely on which graf writers you would like to team up before registering your crew. You can only register your crew once.

Wall Lords Philippines: Rules & Regulations

So you think you got skills in the aerosol can and letter styles, then you have the guts to compete with the best crews around the country in the first Philippine stage of Wall Lords. And if your crew wins, you then compete with the best around Asia in the grand finals held in Shanghai this coming summer.

Basic Rules

The rules are simple, please read and understand the following.

1) Each crew/team will have a maximum of 2 to 3 members. At least 1 member must have skills in doing characters and imagery. Anyone down with graffiti art can register. A permission letter from the parent is required to anyone joining under the age of 13.

2) Those who qualify will be given a specific theme. Qualified crews will receive an e-mail on the theme's subject. A rough sketch must be submitted to the staff of Uphere (via e-mail) for review. Deadline for submitting sketches is on Jan 15. Certain elements can be used such as letter styles, background, characters, etc.

3) The mural must convey a positive image. Any image depicting violence, drugs, hatred, profanity, religious extremism, or any other negative elements that affect society will not be permitted. Political messages and imagery are strongly discouraged.

4) Strictly aerosol cans, NO OTHER MEDIUMS ALLOWED. These include paint brushes, stickers, stencils, markers, pencils, crayons, pastels etc. Rollers and bucket paint are permitted only for background and large fill-ins. Those competing are allowed to use various aerosol caps and tips. We would like to see how good you are with the spray can. Lets see some can control and some burners.

5) The most important of all is RESPECT especially to all competing crews and any works. Any confrontations both verbal and physical will result in disqualification and a permanent ban to any future Wall Lords event.


The selected judges will give scores for all the crews in each category (Theme piecing, Throw-Up, Handstyle)

The crew that earned the most points in the qualifying rounds will enter the grand finals. 

In order to make sure that the judging process is open and fair, all points will be shown to the public

The competition is divided to three categories,

Theme piecing (50% of the total score)

All crew members will have 9 hours to complete a mural under the same theme. The theme will be announced once the competing crews are selected so that a right amount of time is given for each crew to plan ahead their colors and composition.

Throw-ups (25% of the total score)

1-2 member(s) of the crew will have 5 minutes to perform a throw-up with their selected colors. The specific name will be announced a few minutes before the competition starts.

Handstyle (25% of the total score)

1 member of the crew will have 2 minutes to tag with their selected colors. The specific sentence will be announced a few minutes before the competition starts.

For any concerns regarding the rules, you can e-mail at